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Ayurvedic health benefits of navel oiling

Navel oiling – introduction

The Navel or Nabhi is a crucial part of human body that provides multiple health benefits. Massaging the body with different essential oil has its own therapeutic benefits. The process of naval oiling is an old aged process done for managing different health benefits from ancient times. The navel is a medium that connects a mother with its growing child inside the womb; also it connects several veins reaching out to different organs in the body. Ayurvedic health benefits of navel oiling.

Benefits of Navel Oiling

Benefits of navel oiling

Navel Oiling or Navel therapy is an age-old practise which is passed on to generations from your Grandmother and to your mom. Earlier, they used to put all sorts of oil in the nabhi. you might find it absurd though, but it turned out to be healthy. And now ayurveda itself testifies this theory.

1. Improves stomach problems:

stomach problems

Applying essential oils to the belly button or nabhi can help in reducing abdominal pain. Regular application of naval oiling improves the stomach health by preventing indigestion, diarrhea, bloating, etc.

2. Cures Infections

As the naval area gets very dirty, it becomes home to bacteria and fungus which may lead to infection and various disorders.

3. Removes Dirt

Just like we clean the other body parts, we need to clean the naval area too. For cleansing, natural oils like sunflower oil, grape seed oil can also be used.

4. Reduces Menstrual pain

menstrual pain

Navel oil helps in relaxing the veins around the uterine lining and provides discomfort associated with menstrual pain . The essential oil soothes the prostaglandins that mediate uterine contractions and pain.


5. Improves eyesight

By the procedure of navel oiling, there is a stimulation of veins that can lead to better vision, reduce the puffiness around the eyes, and also slow downs pigmentation. Regular practice of navel oiling prevents excessive dryness that is responsible for poor eyesight.

6. Relieves out Joint Pain & Aches

joint pain

This is an age-old remedy that we Indians have been following for ages. People suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis massage their joints and legs to get relief from the terrible pain. Moreover, castor oil also has therapeutic effects on joint pains and aches. Put some drops of either castor oil or ginger oil to lubricate the joints to relieve the stiffness. You can also try Nabhitouch oil for your Belly Button.

7. Cures Face Pigmentation & makes the Face look Younger & radiant

Who would have known that lemon oil can have so many effects on the skin? When you apply lemon oil with almond oil, it reduces blemishes from the skin giving you an even skin stone. Every once a week, pour lemon oil with almond oil into the belly button and leave it for 15 minutes.

Above were all the Ayurvedic health benefits of navel oiling. Didn’t get what you were looking for? Drop your query in the comment section below.

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