How to get rid of gas, bloating
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How to get rid of Gas, Pains and Bloating

The average adult passes gas between 13 and 21 times a day. Gas is a normal part of the digestion process. But if gas builds up in your intestines and you’re unable to expel it, you may start to feel pain and discomfort. How to get rid of Gas Pains and Bloating.

Bloating occurs when the byproduct gasses released from poor digestion fill up your stomach and make it look bigger than usual. In most cases, it’s not even your fault. Certain underlying factors can trigger bloating, and it doesn’t get better despite reducing your meal portions.

Gas can be caused by:-

  • Overeating
  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Gum Chewing
  • Eating more processed foods, junk foods.
  • swallowing your food and not chewing it.

What Ayurveda says on Bloating?

Bloating is caused by a weak digestive fire or agni. In Ayurveda, this condition is called Aadhmaana, a type of vata imbalance. Occasional bloating or gas is normal but when it becomes regular and persistent, it a sign and symptom of digestive imbalance.

What causes Bloating?

There are multiple factors responsible for bloating. If you are mindful about what you eat and get adequate exercise every day, it can be relatively easy to get rid of bloating. However, if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to go outdoors and burn calories, you might struggle a bit. But you will definitely get the results once you address the triggers of bloating and follow the tips that will be discussed later in this blog. How to get rid of Gas, Pains and Bloating.

What are the common causes of bloating?

Irregular Eating Habits

Eating junk food or overeating‌ is the reason for bloating. Pair it with aerated beverages, and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. Life is busy, and people eat in a hurry to save some of their precious time. However, doing so often causes bloating because you swallow your food without chewing it, and you swallow air with every bite.


Smoking is injurious to health. Everybody knows that but no one cares to stop it. Some people get addicted to medicines. They can’t survive without them. Examples are pain killers, anti-allergic, or any other doctor-prescribed medicines. Most of these medicines tend to slow down the pro-digestion activity in the gut. As a result, the byproduct gasses so formed get trapped in the lower abdomen or bowel to cause bloating.

Tips to cure Bloating:-

  1. Chew your food properly

The easiest way to avoid bloating and digestive concerns is to chew your food correctly. As a general rule, chew your food 32 times before swallowing it. That way, your food will be predigested before reaching the stomach, so your digestive system won’t have to work hard.

2. Avoid Refrigerated, Stale foods

Cold, raw, and stale foods are difficult to digest. The undigested food becomes toxic and accumulates gasses in the lower abdomen, hence, bloating.

3. Eat Fennel seeds with Jaggery after meals

Take 1 tsp of fennel seeds with 1 tsp of rock sugar to avoid indigestion, especially in overeating. It may also relieve acidity and heartburn, so keeping a small pouch of fennel seeds handy while traveling can help.

How to get rid of Gas:-

Gas is caused by what you eat. Food is digested primarily in your small intestine. left undigested is fermented in your colon with bacteria, fungi, and yeast, as part of digestion. How to get rid of Gas Pains and Bloating.

Tips to get rid of gas:-

Chamomile Tea

Physical Activity



Ayurvedic medicine for Bloating, Gas.

The above mentioned remedies may help subdue the symptoms but if they fail to treat the problem, you may take these Ayurvedic medicines to treat the problem of bloating & Gas.

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