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Tips & Remedies to manage high blood pressure

Tips & Remedies to manage high blood pressure. High blood pressure or blood pressure is not a common disease, it is also called the silent killer. The root causes of high blood pressure are excessive salt intake, smoking, and alcohol consumption, due to hormonal changes in women, due to certain medicines, due to late-night awakenings, excessive mental stress, or due to obesity. Along with the causes of high blood pressure, the symptoms should also be known so that you can easily understand that you are falling prey to this disease- obesity, Headache, fast heartbeat, frequent anger, feeling like a fire coming out of the ears or face, feeling tired, sleepless, bleeding from the nose due to high blood pressure, etc. There are a few ways in which blood pressure can be controlled.

Cool Misti
Cool Misti

10 Remedies to manage high blood pressure:-


1. First of all go for a walk in the morning regularly to keep yourself relaxed and calm. If possible, walk barefoot on green grass for at least twenty minutes.

2. High blood pressure can be brought under control by drinking lemon water without salt and sugar every morning.

3. Blood pressure can also be controlled by eating at least half a kilo of ripe papaya for a month.

ripe papaya

4. According to the need, grind poppy seeds and watermelon together and take one spoon every morning on an empty stomach for three to four weeks.

5. Grind spinach and carrot and drink a glass in the morning and evening, it reduces blood pressure.

6. Consumption of eggs, meat, sweets, and chocolate is prohibited.

7. Taking three leaves of neem with ten leaves of tulsi for seven days gives beneficial results.

8. Triphala works effectively on hypertension.


9. Amla: In Ayurveda, Amla is called Amalaki, it dilates blood vessels. This helps in controlling BP, so health experts, and blood pressure patients should eat 1 amla daily or drink amla juice mixed with hot water.


10. Honey is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure: Honey is used to cure many diseases. Honey is helpful in reducing high blood pressure. Use two spoons of honey every morning on an empty stomach. Take one spoonful of honey mixed with two spoons of ginger juice and cumin. Its use can be beneficial in high blood pressure.

11. Black pepper is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure: The use of black pepper can be beneficial for people suffering from blood pressure or high blood pressure. It prevents the formation of blood clots by mixing with platelets. You can use black pepper mixed with anything.

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