gond siyah benifits
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This indigenous medicine works as grease in the joints and knees

You will be surprised to know that the gum on trees and plants acts as lubrication in the human body or acts as grease. This grease-like substance is called Gond Siyah or Kala Gond which is used to treat arthritis, sciatica, Pain, Ankle Pain, Wrist/Side Pain, Half Headache, Migraine Pain, Pain in the ankles and calves of the feet, along with such physical, mental and household problems in the body.

Along with this, Pancham Gum (Chilgoza, Moringa, Peepal, Acacia, and Neem) is made by mixing these five types of gum, Pancham Gum can also be called the grease of knees and joints. Various nutrients are present in Pancham gum and the amount of fiber is also found in sufficient form. Pancham gum is beneficial in all types of stomach problems like constipation, gas, acidity, sour belching, torsion, colic, etc. It is also helpful in digesting food by improving digestion. They also control sugar, both of them. For a long time, Chandigarh’s famous Ayurvedic SCO 372, Sector 44-D Chandigarh, 0172- 4606414 Chief Physicians, Ayurvedacharyas, Scholars Vaidyas, a substance rich in original lubrication (made from grease) (black gum) which is the saliva of a particular kind of plant, which is black grease. After ample experiments on this black gum, Vardan Ayurvedic Pvt. Ltd. has manufactured “Kamri Gum Siyah Goli” by GMP government-certified genuine black gum in the form of 2 Ratti tablets forever.

gond siyah benifits

Key Benefits of Gond Siyah:

  • Gond Siyah possesses medicinal properties and is known to retain a healing effect for many ailments such as back pain, leg pain, headache, pain in bones/nerves, and arthritis
  • Gond Siyah helps in lowering increased uric acid in the body and works like magic for sciatica
  • Gond Siyah works by keeping the worms from absorbing sugar, thereby depleting their energy level. This causes the worms to die thereby treating your infection

Along with this, Vardan Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh Chief Physician Dr. Anil Kumar while drawing the attention of his team to Pancham Gum said that Pancham Gum, which is made from Neem, Chilgoza, Moringa, Acacia, and Peepal, help in the control of sugar, piles, cavities, and weakness in the human body. Good for the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, and secret senses, both men and women.

You can take this tablet and capsule together as per the advice of your doctor, it works to make joint pain, arthritis, and grease in the gap in the knees. For more details visit Vardan Ayurvedic Pvt. Ltd. SCO. Contact at 372, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh, 0172- 4606414. By continuous intake of “Kamri Gum dark tablet” and “Kamri Pancham gum capsule” for 2-3 years can end many hidden diseases in the body because of the action of stomach-digestion, mind-sleep, and latrine-bathroom. Amazing relief can be found.

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