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Ayurvedic therapy for Lower Back Pain

In this busy life and hectic work schedule we often forget to take care of our health . Not just physically but also mentally we exhaust ourself day by day, unhealthy diets, lack of exercise ,sleep and stress put impact on our body and health .In this time either it’s youth or older generation we are facing major issues of lower back pain.

It is a common, painful ,condition affecting the lower portion of spine, which cause the lower back pain. in this century which has advance technology and medicine which can heal all kind of pain and physical suffering.

it is often expensive and not so reliable. But how in back those days when allopathic medicine weren’t invented? Luckily ,with no side effects back pain can be easily healed with the holistic approach with ayurveda.

Causes of back pain:

In this hasty lifestyle ,it is common to have health issues such as back pain and bodyache. There are several reasons which cause pain and inflamation in the lower spine

  • Wrong sleeping postures
  • Continuosly sitting in a certain position
  • Not choosing right mattress
  • Degenrative disc disease
  • Deformity
  • Osteoarthritis
  • lifting or vigorous exercise.


  • Type of pain which is dull or achy.
  • Difficulty while walking
  • Stinging and burning pain
  • Sciatica
  • Muscles spasms
  • Reduce cordination

Prevention of lower back pain by Ayurveda:

In Ayurveda ,back pain is considered as Vata Dosha /Vikarati [the energy principle of air and ether] .The Dhatus or tissues impacted are Mamsa (muscle), Asti(bone) or majja(correlated to never or marrow). The seat of Vata Dosha is the pelvic region ,lower back, and colon.

Additionallly, whenever we feel pain Vata Dosha is responsible.
Originally Ayurveda is a great sum of balance between body, mind and spirit to improve our health. It endeavor to promote a wholesome body instead of fighting off diseases .When something triggers our body’s balance we experience pain, needle like sensations and sickness.

How to deal and manage with the back pain , sciatica by the help of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda treatments include herbal drugs and topical applications .You can also use ayurvedic oil massage :Abhyanga) or a medicated enema (known as a basti) to relief your back pain. Pain in lower area of our body is faced by almost everyone specially our elders. Ayurveda has some great effective solutions for a broad spectrum of health problems, including Sciatica and Lowe back pain which is preponderantly caused by Bata, which is referred as (Apana Vata) .

Apana Vata is located in the colon, pelvis and lower back where the Vata finds it’s natural leap and governs several physiological functions such as lower back moment ,hips, thighs, and excretory process in the body such as urine, faeces, menstruation and more.

As discussed above ,Ayurveda has great and effective treatments for lower back pain .Let’s find the cure of it.

1. Kati Vasti

It is a traditional and effective Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache including slip disc, sciatica and spinal problems etc. Kati Vasti is a therapy which is done on one’s external body. In this a medicated oil is mixed with black gram dough, placed on this patient for on extended duration of time, People may get instant relief after the procedure. After completing the course of 7 to 21 days, people may not need any other medicines. It is a complete therapy which is so effective and provides instant relief.

2.Ushma Seeds or (steam bath)

It is an another ancient Ayurvedic treatment. This therapy is done by using heat from various sources to generate sweat on the body through hair follicles by opening the pores of the skin. In this therapy, the whole body undergoes artificially induced sweating. Ushma Sweda is considered as one of the very effective in relieving pain and it also gives smoothness to the skin.

3. Therauptic Enema

The most effective way to heal lower back pain. Various oils like fleet mineral oil, olive oil, sesame oil etc are placed inside the colon and extra Bata is eradicated from the pelvic region. Studies have disclosed that substances delivered by enemas administered through the mouth and passes through the bloodstream.

4.Herbal supplements

One more way to relief from your pain is herbal supplements .
Nonetheless, it is better to consult with your ayurvedic practioner before taking / using these supplements.
Castor oil – Helps in the reduction of Vata
Ashwagandha – The finest way to get rid of the lower back pain. It rejuvenates and offer nourishment and decrease the pain significantly .

5. Change in lifestyle /yoga

We all are loosing something to gain something and that is our health ,in this hectic life schedule we often ignore our health and that cause several problems in which lower back pain is common and to get rid of this pain you need to choose healthy diet, yoga at least once in a day and meditate, get proper sleep and see yourself thriving.

However with effective age -old Ayurvedic treatment, you can easily get rid of these issues. Lower back pain and sciatica can significantly lower the quality of life. Add Ayurveda in your life and relief your pain with the help of it.

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