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Betel Nut(Supari) types, benefits as per Ayurveda

Betel nut(Areca nut) is commonly referred to in India as Supari. In India Areca nut or Supari is an indispensable part of the culture. It is considered a good fortune and is a must-have in any Indian festival accompanying betel leaves. It is also exchanged as gifts at functions like weddings, housewarmings, and many more. In this article, you will know Betel Nut(Supari) types and benefits as per Ayurveda.

Areca nut or Supari trees grow up to 12 to 20 meters in height, sporting crown-shaped leaves that grow up to 30 – 60 meters in length. The fruits are up to 3 to 5 cm long, smooth, oblong in shape with a single seed and in green to orange color. These trees are mostly found in the regions of South East Asia.

Betel Nut(Supari) has a bad image in the eyes of many eating Supari creates a bad habit, teeth get damaged, You get addicted to it, and whatnot. But if you know-how and how much to include in your daily life, nothing gets affected. If we look through the ayurvedic perspective, everything which is provided by the nature has natural & amazing benefits and is used as a medicine to treat any severe to normal diseases.

Types of Betel Nut(Supari):-

Raw/Unripe Betel Nut – Raw Betel nut is useful for Kapha & Pitta doshas-related people and diseases. These are helpful for those who feel very hot inside, their body produces a lot of heat than normal people, feel more hungry, have too much fat, they sweat a lot, and have a problem with cough helps in dealing with people who struggle with Psoriasis.

Ripe Betel nut

Ripe Betel Nut – This nut is useful for all. People who deal with joint pain, backbone pain, internal problems like if a person’s BP is too high, short of breath, struggle with bad breath, kids who have worms in their stomach, or people who struggle with diabetes. This nut is useful in the treatment of every disease.

Health Benefits of Betel nut(Supari) as per Ayurveda:-

Betel Nut for oral health – The chances of getting cavities are strong when people consume more sugar at night. Hence, eating betel nuts instead of sugars will prevent cavities and help in reducing toothache.

Betel Nut helps in preventing gum infection – A lot of people struggle with gum infection but none of us use this natural herb as an antiseptic instead, we use harsh chemical products to worsen the situation. you can simply boil betel nut in 1 cup of water and use this water as a mouth freshener to rinse the mouth which will reduce gum infections, swelling & pain.

Betel nut as a mouth freshener – It acts as a savior for those who struggle with bad breath. Chewing a bit of it helps in solving the problem of bad mouth.

Betel Nut maintains women’s health – Women who struggle with a lot of vaginal discharge(Leucorrhea). It improves hormonal imbalance. You can simply wash off that area with betel water or consume betel nut powder in an adequate way like 1/2 tsp daily it will help in reducing menstrual pain, abdominal pain & vaginal pain.

Helpful in sexual health – Betel nut is useful in treating premature ejaculation, a condition that causes infertility in men. The reason is that men may climax faster than expected, and this indicates that sperms fail to swim to the egg and form a fetus.

Sipping on betel nut decoction flushes out tapeworms and other intestinal parasites in the gut.

Mix areca nut powder with sesame oil and apply it to the wounds for pain relief in joints.

Brush teeth with betel nut powder for removing dental plaque and for whitening teeth naturally.

Betel Nut(Supari) side effects:-

Pregnant women should avoid betel nuts as the chances of harming the fetus are high. Since the chances of getting cancer are high thus betel nuts should be consumed in mild doses only. In some people, betel nut has been found to cause low blood pressure and shortness of breath, and if a person develops these symptoms, it is better to quit eating the nut. some people get an addiction to eating Supari and get intoxicated by it. you have to keep in mind that the consumption of supari should be in a moderate quantity.


Areca nut or betel nut or supari is an integral part of Indian culture and is a must-have in festivals, functions, of course, an offering to God. Native to India, the Areca nut exhibits various therapeutic properties. According to Ayurveda, it balances the Kapha, and pitta doshas and it serves as a natural mouth freshener, cleanses the gut from tapeworms, and parasites, and clears dental plaque.

However, take this nut in moderation as its excessive intake can cause cancer, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Above were all the details on Betel Nuts(supari) types, and benefits as per Ayurveda.

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