Ayurvedic Churna for constipation
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Best Ayurvedic churna for constipation :

The long-term cure for constipation is not just popping up pills instead treating it from roots without triggering other body parts and without any side effects.
To correct the imbalance , is to try some ayurvedic medicine which is very helpful in long run . The oldest medical system in the world prescribes a holistic treatment for managing all diseases.
The focus of ayurvedic treatment for constipation is to correct the imbalance in the body doshas (energies) that have led to this problem .
The aim is improving digestion and body metabolism so that bowels movement can be smooth. Below are some of the best Ayurveda Churna for Constipation.

What is constipation?

When a person passes less than three bowel movements a week or has difficult bowel movement. However, it varies from person to person. Some people have bowel movements several time a day while others have them only 1 or 2 times a week .
Whatever your bowel pattern ; it’s unique and normal for you as long as you don’t stray too far from your pattern. Regardless of your bowel pattern one fact is certain: the longer you go before you “go” the more difficult it becomes for stool /poop to pass.

Ayurveda and Constipation

Ayurveda is the holistic approach and effective system of medicine to deal with several issues, so it isn’t suppressing at all that it’d the go to solution for Constipation treatment as well.
In Ayurveda it is said that Constipation is Vibhanda ,which is labelled symptoms like fewer bowel movements, painful defections, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and incomplete elimination.
In text of Ayurveda, vata dosha is the reason for excretory function while a vitalized , vata is responsible for both holding stool . When the functions of apana values are significantly affected, it results in Constipation. But before we get into it’s treatment, let’s know it’s causes and symptoms.

Causes of constipation:-

There are numerous reason which causes constipation. Unhealthy lifestyles, medications, medical condition ,and pregnancy.
Here are some other reason which cause constipation:
. Eating foods which is low in fiber.
. Lack of exercise.
. Drinking insufficient amount of water (dehydration)
. Changes in your regular routine such as traveling or eating or going to bed at different times
. Eating excessive amount of dairy product
. Stress
. Resisting the urge to have bowel movement
. And other medical conditions and uses of medicines


. Passing fewer than three stools a week .
. Having lumpy or hard stools.
. Straining to have bowel movements.
. Feeling as though there’s is blockage in your rectum that prevents bowel movement.
. Feeling as hough you can’t completely empty

Best Ayurvedic churna for constipation :-

Ayurveda, the ancient science, trusts in numerous herbs and churnas to treat body ailments and particular diseases.
Getting your digestive system to work properly is a never ending game of trial and error. Wrong lifestyle habits could lead to bloating , constipation and other issues that indicate your intestinal tract is not in check .
Ayurveda believes in treating such body ailment with the help of natural herbs .

Triphala is one of them.
Triphala churna is a powder that has three major herbs which are known to help manage constipation.
We will tell you how this churna and other mixture will help with bowel discomfort and how these remedies will cure constipation.

Triphala churna is a brown -coloured powder using three important herbs , namely amalaki (amla) haritaki (harad) and bibhitaki (baheda) , all of which are known to help relieve constipation . In ayurvedic text ; the best remedies for constipation is triphala churna . Amalaki works on the pitta dosha , haritaki on vata dosha and , bibhitaki on kapha dosha . The three compounds help rejuvenate and strengthen the digestive system and act as mild laxative.” We will tell you how these 3 herbs help your digestive system.

1. Haritaki

2. Amlataki

3. Triphala

Haritaki (harad),terminalia chebula , mynoblan, it is part of triphala which known as various name. Usually we used harad for stomach related problem, hair fall problem and for hair growth. It is also a part of spices. We can use it in a powder form or direct soaked. It is good for for relieving the bowle movement and can see the affect on constipation.

Amlataki (amla): Amla has laxative and cooling properties that helps cool the inner lining of the stomach and reduces inflammation. It helps relieve the burning sensation that irritate the stomach. Amla is generally a healthy food that cab boozy your overall health.

Triphala for constipation:-
. Before dozing off to bed at night take half to one tablespoon of triphala churna.
. The adequate time to drink triphala water is around 4am to 5 am in the morning . Triphala has diuretic properties which may cause frequent urination and may disturb your sleep so, best time to take is in the morning to experience better sleep. You can also steep triphala powder in a cup of warm water overnight and drink it first in the morning.
. You can mix a dash of honey to add some sweetness to it . Incase, you don’t like the taste of just triphala and water.
Moreover, if you feel bloated, you could add some grated ginger to get instant relief.
Manage constipation with the ayurvedic churnas and incase your don’t get relief, consult a doctor.

These three herbs are the best Ayurvedic Churna for Constipation.

we hope that this article helps you out in solving the problem of Constipation through Ayurvedic remedies.

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