Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin
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Ayurvedic tips for Glowing Skin, people can’t resist but to give you the best compliment.

We all are tired of burning our pocket because of expensive skin care products and still doesn’t get the effect we want to. And who doesn’t want a glowing skin? If so than here are the some ayurvedic tips that won’t cost you much and will give you the result you always wanted. And these remedies which helps you to rejuvenate and restore the glow of your skin. Here are some ayurvedic tips which will help you you to get back that glow oh your face.

Drinking in copper glass/bottle

Many of us know drinking plenty of water is good and cleanse our body but do you know according to ayurveda drinking in copper glass/bottle gives you the benificial to balance all 3 dosas in our body (kapa,vata,and pitta.Keep water in the copper glass /bottle at night and drink it in the morning and start your day with hydrating yourself.

Yoga for the peaceful mind and energetic day

Who doesn’t want to start their day with peace of mind and positivity. Do yoga and meditation every morning ,it relaxes our body strengthen the muscles and balance flexibility
.You can also do yoga every evening it also inhance the sleep quality and a good sleep is must to get healthy glowing skin.

Eating healthy foods /beverages

To keep the glow on your skin we need to detox our body with healthy food and drinks .You can add nuts ,oats fruits ,yogurts,ghee ,whole grain .It makes your immune strong and beauty comes from within if your inside is healthy it will show by the glow on your face.

Sandalwood-One of the miraculous ingredients suggested by Ayurveda.

It has cooling effects which helps to calm your skin also improve skintone and cure blemishes. You can take one tablespoons of sandalwood powder one tablespoon of turmeric mix it with rose water make a paste and apply it as a mask and voila see the effect in minutes.

You can also add iron -rich food like beetroot juice, kiwi juice, pomegranate and carrots they act as blood purifiers and add instant glow in your face.

Ayurveda is blend of nature and science .A natural medicine gifted by nature to humankind. Originated in India more than 3000 years ago.A great alternative to cure the dosa’s of human body and treat diseases.

Practicing or adding some ayurvedic tips into your daily would do miracles and restore your health in this busy lifestyle. Take benefits what nature has offered you and it’s the high time to include ayurveda in your life.

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