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Oils are specially made for your belly button – Nabhi Touch Oil

Nabhi Touch Oil can help you to treat several daily infections and health problems such as menstrual pain and cramps, digestion problems, joint pains, fertility problems, and many more.

With a hope to fight not just the pandemic but a myriad of other health conditions, people are slowly turning towards the holistic and natural methods that have been followed for centuries in our culturally rich country.

Ayurveda has gifted us with some of the most beautiful and magical ways of healing that were preached and followed by our ancestors for centuries. Pechoti therapy or the belly button therapy is one of those forgotten methods that has attracted a lot of attention in recent times for its immediate effects

The belly button is a part of our body that is mostly forgotten. It is one of the most important part of our body that connected a growing fetus/baby to its mother, delivering essentials such as oxygen and nutrients while also removing waste toxins is considered as nothing but as a body part to depict beauty.

According to Ayurveda, nabhi is considered the powerhouse of our body. Also, the pechoti gland located right behind the nabhi, is home to 72,000 or more veins and almost millions of nerves that connects the nabhi to all the vital organs in our body.

Nabhi Touch Oil can help you to treat several daily infections and health problems such as menstrual pain and cramps, digestion problems, joint pains, fertility problems, and many more. This only proves that pechoti therapy is one of the most miraculous treatment methods in today’s time.

Nabhi Touch Oil – The inception

The concept of Nabhi Touch was born to Mrs Swati Vakharia, a mother who was facing a new health condition each day during her pregnancy days.

In the quest of finding 100% herbal treatments to help her fight her hair fall, she came across this age-old Ayurvedic treatment method that amazed her. 

The pechoti therapy method was simple to follow, all-natural, side-effect free, and very effective. So, with a little research and the help of Dr Nikunj Mewada, Swati Vakharia formulated a number of herbal essential oils that held the power to treat almost all everyday health issues such as digestion problems, menstrual pain, cough and cold, hair fall, acne, joint pain, and more.

The easy application method makes the product one of the most loved herbal therapeutic methods of all time. You simply have to rub 3 drops of nabhi touch oil in your belly button every night before you go to sleep.

The oil removes the bacteria and dirt from your navel and reopens your nerves, this treating your health conditions from the core of your body.

When we discussed the products to their current users, we could hear this.

“After trying Nabhi touch joint pain relief, my intake of pain killer was gradually stopped. I got amazing relief.” – Mr Harjeet.

“It’s reduced my dandruff and I can feel soft hair regrowth on my little bald patches. With my experience, I bought sensational skin oil too to enjoy clear skin. I am amazed by the results. It’s been 2 weeks and I can feel and see the change in my skin. Thank you so much for making this oil.” – Ms Ravina.

Such responses helped us to trust more on our ancient way of healing. It is an age-old process that Nabhi Touch has brought to us in a modern way.

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