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Pancham Gond is best for reducing belly fat | पंचम गोंद घटाए तोंद।

Vaidban Pancham Gond Capsule (Chilgoza, Moringa, Peepal, Acacia, and Neem) is made by mixing these five types of gum. Pancham Gond can also be called the grease of knees and joints. Various nutrients are present in Pancham Gond, and the amount of fiber is also found in good form. Pancham gum is beneficial for all types of stomach problems like constipation, gas, acidity, sour belching, torsion, colic, etc. It is also helpful in digesting food by improving digestion. They also control sugar and help in controlling cholesterol, joint pain, and all types of pain. Pancham Gond is best for reducing belly fat.

Pancham Gond Capsule is an extraction of the tree of ebony with numerous medicinal properties acting as a gift for all. This therapeutic Gond consists of the original Kala Gond in rock-solid form with many curative properties. It is known to prevent and heal arthritis, joint pain, and overall body pain. Pancham Gond is best for reducing belly fat.

Benefits of Vaidban Pancham Gond:-

Pancham Gond is very beneficial in solving all sorts of problems & diseases in the human body like joint pain, shoulder pain, and back pain, helps in reducing cholesterol levels, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Skin Problems, Constipation, Gas, acidity, Migraine, obesity, Weight Loss, Body fat, Fat Loss, Improves Brain Functioning, Thyroid, Liver related diseases or basically any types of disease.

It has the goodness of nature as it has all the beneficial ingredients like:-

  • Moringa Gond – 100 mg
  • Chilgoza Gond – 100 mg
  • Pipal Gond – 50 mg
  • Babool Gond – 50 mg
  • Neem Gond – 50 mg
  • Sonth/Dry Ginger – 50 mg
  • Marich/Black Pepper – 50 mg
  • Pipali – 50 mg
  • Kalonji – 50 mg

Components of Pancham Gond:-

Vaidban Pancham Gond

Moringa Gond – Moringa Gond is believed to have many benefits like protecting & nourishing your skin & hair, liver protection, stomach problems, making bones stronger, Treating Diabetes, and maintaining blood pressure.

Chilgoza Gond/Pine Nut Gond– Boost Stamina, Brighten Skin Source of Energy, and Slow down Aging. It Keeps Eye-Healthy, Boosts Brain Health It helps to Improve Bone Health. It is a Power House of Antioxidants.

Peepal Gond– It has the ability to fight eye-related diseases, helps in the treatment of dental diseases, cures cough & sore throat, Asthma problems, Excessive Thirst problems, Body Weakness, constipation, controls Diabetes levels, etc.

Babool gond

Babool Gond– It Effectively Heals Wounds, Promotes dental health, Control Hairfall, Improves Skin Texture, and Treats UTI Problems.

Neem Gond

Neem Gond– The bark of the Neem plant is useful in treating cavities & Gum related diseases. It helps in treating stomach Intestinal Worms, Skin Ulcers, Cardiovascular diseases, and Gum diseases, Treats Wounds, and Controls Diabetes levels.


Sonth/Dry Ginger– In Ayurveda, Sonth is used to relieve all types of pain including abdominal pain, joint pain, menstrual pain, Soothes stomach irritation, headache, viral cough & cold, and sore throat, Improves Gut Health, and has Anti-inflammatory properties.

Black pepper

Black Pepper– It is high in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, benefits your brain, Improves Blood Sugar Control, Lowers Cholesterol levels, and Has Cancer-fighting properties.

Long Pepper

Pippali/Long Pepper– Pippali is an effective herb in managing cough and cold. Pippali controls cough, releases mucus, and clears air passages, thus allowing the patient to breathe freely. This is because Pippali has a decongestant, bronchodilator, and expectorant effect due to its Kapha balancing properties.

Kalonji/Nigella seeds– Kalonji has anti-inflammatory properties, protects the liver, Prevents Stomach Ulcers, Kills off Bacteria, And has Cancer-fighting properties.

Pancham Gond is best for reducing belly fat. If you struggle with belly fat and want an ayurvedic remedy to fat loss, you have come to the right place. Click on the link below to buy.

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